HuntingHouse Hunting adventures I always smile when I hear the term ‘House Hunting’. In NE NC, the hunting method involves building a stand at the edge of the woods and waiting for an unsuspecting deer to wander by. So I wonder if House Hunting should involve building a stand somewhere and waiting for a suitable property to stroll by? I have a feeling that a more aggressive approach is needed when hunting for a new home. One of the first problems is deciding on exactly what sort of home we will be hunting. As we all know, different prey frequents different habitats, and to find the right house we need to be hunting in the right area. This is where a good Real Estate agent will save you lots of time. I always try and get to know my hunters before we go out into the woods. I ask questions about their lifestyle, the members of the household, hobbies, the need for schools, church affiliation, shopping likes and dislikes, what they have now and what they like about it and don’t like about it. By having this conversation before heading out, I get a feel about the sort of house they are looking for, so have a good idea where we might find one that will suit them. As a result of living in my area for many years and having taken part in previous successful hunts, I can guide my hunters past areas that will not have the sort of house they are looking for and zero in on the areas where the possibility of bagging a trophy is very high. This will shorten the process and remove a lot of the frustration and fatigue involved in hunting. Having found an area with lots of potential game, the next phase will be stalking and taking shots at the chosen property, by making an offer. This is another area where your agent will be able to assist by helping aim the offer at a spot that will result in a kill. Often the first shot only wounds, resulting in a counter offer, so it may be necessary to follow up with another offer to achieve success. Having bagged your prey, all you have to do is get it out of the woods and dressed, ready to put in the freezer and enjoy for the next year. In House Hunting, this part is where the banks and the attorneys get involved to consummate the deal. Unlike real hunting, House Hunting comes with a ‘due diligence’ period when you can do some investigation of the property you have bagged to make sure that it doesn’t have any hidden problems that you don’t want to take on. If you find anything like that, you can withdraw your offer and continue with the hunt. Once you get past that stage, everything should be problem free and you should soon close and get the keys to your new home. During the wait, you can start planning any renovations you intend to make and get organized for the physical move. Before long you will have moved and be settling in to your new neighborhood, meeting your neighbors and getting familiar with your new environment. This whole process is challenging, exciting, worrying, tiring but extremely fulfilling and is one that I take great pleasure in sharing in with all my House Hunters. If you are planning on a House Hunt in the near future, I would be honored to be your property scout, or as we call them these days, Realtor. Brian FitzSimons : 252-312-9042 Brian @

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