EDENTON WATER FRONT One of the nice things about Edenton, is that there are all sorts of interesting, (usually historic), things to look at, take part in and marvel over both for residents and visitors. To get a comprehensive list of these opportunities the first stop should be the Barker House/Visitor Center, Located right on the water at the end of Broad St. The Barker House is a historic building with a story, as it was in this building that the famous Edenton Tea Party took place. A story that the docent on duty will be glad to relate to you. It is also the venue for the start of the Trolley Tour which takes visitors all-round the town while the narrator identifies the various historic buildings and gives you a background story about each of them. But the perhaps the most enjoyable tour is the one provided by the 22ft electric launch, Libertea. Captain Mark Thesier takes up to six adults for a bay and creek tour around the waterfront of Edenton, poking up the creeks as far as he can, and giving his passengers a detailed description of the homes along the waterfront.

Libertea Skipper   Captain Mark Thesier


Edenton is very much a waterfront town, so it is entirely appropriate to explore it from the water. The majority of the historic district is close to the water, as that is where the activity was centered when Edenton became the capital of the state way back in 1722. In the early days, Edenton Bay provided a sheltered harbor for the ships and barges that came and went, bringing the finer things of life from the ‘old country’ and exporting the timber and crops that provided the life blood of the fledgling society. Very little has changed as far as the geography is concerned, but the area west of Granville Street has had all the industrial infrastructure removed and replaced by gracious homes and gardens. Now there is little sign of Edenton’s industrial past. As you embark on your cruise and head out of the Harbor, you will pass the Roanoke Lighthouse in its new location. This is actually one of the original structures that stood guard at the entrance to the Roanoke River. After languishing for many years in neglect, it has now been restored and moved to a place of honor on Edenton water front. Straight ahead as you leave the harbor and head across the bay, you will enter Pembroke Creek. Around the corner, up a little way, will be found the site of the original Fish Hatchery. This has now been moved to a site further up Queen St (also worth a visit) but the outline of the original ponds can still be seen below the manager’s fine house on the hill. There is something about being on the water that is very peaceful and relaxing, making this tour one not to be missed during your Edenton visit. If this experience makes you want to move here, I can help with that. For Real Estate and local information, Brian FitzSimons, Broker, 252-312-9042.

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