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Tips to Keep your Home Safe while away


Communicate- Be sure to visit your next-door neighbors and let them know of your plans. Share with them when you are leaving and when you will return.  Make sure they have an emergency contact phone number for you or how to get in contact.  Having a trusted set of eyes watching your home while you are away can add a lot of peace of mind.


Protect Premises- Studies show that 30% of home break-ins are made by forced entry and 70% occur through existing openings. It is very important before you leave your home, you check and double-check all windows and doors, making sure they are all locked and secured.  A security system is a great addition but must always be engaged and checked regularly for accuracy.


Social Media- We all enjoy social media, sharing our activities and photos with our family and friends. What we must never forget is the fact that dishonest people and criminals are using social media too.  When they see you are on vacation or out of town and you are posting pictures, it gives them a free pass to break-in to your home and invades your space.


Bright Lights- You may not want to think about the extra cost of burning electricity while you are out of town, but having your home well lighted while you are gone. Something as simple as putting a few lamps on timers to come on in the evening or maybe having a computer program where you can control lights remotely may deter a potential thief from breaking into your home.


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