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After years of raising my children and operating a family business, I decided to get my real estate licenses. I am a Realtor in Edenton, NC and I have always loved going to homearamas and seeing the new homes. Thes tour of homes allowed me to find out the newest colors, styles, and lots of great ideas for redoing homes.

  1. One of my first reasons for becoming an agent the chance to meet so many different people in this career.  I have met people from all over the US and even have clients from England.  They all have they’re on personal stories to tell you. You learn so much about your clients when working with them. It’s also rewarding to tell my clients all about the Edenton the town I grew up in.
  2. Being an agent you have the flexibility of setting your own schedule. You can decide if you want to go to office every day and how many hours you want to work a day.  I go to the office most days and some of my days are real long.   You can set your on schedule around working with clients. I have learned that being a good agent you must be there 24/7 to answer questions for your clients and availability
  3. You never worry about being fired because you really work for yourself. You are you’re on boss so if you don’t work hard you don’t get paid. Being a good agent you get out of it what you put into it.
  4. Every day you learn new things in this business. Just in the 10 years I have been in real estate, technology has become a big part of our business.  Between setting up your personal and company web sites, Facebook, blogging, Youtube and our update classes you stay busy trying to stay informed.
  5. The most rewarding aspect is when find your buyers the perfect house in Edenton, NC.  Their excitement makes you feel you have completed your job.  It really doesn’t stop after the purchase.  Many times you form friendships for life.

I love being an agent and I love all my clients I have worked with through the years. Most of all I have the flexibility of also enjoying my family life.  If you are wanting to buy or sell give me a call so I can find you your perfect home in Edenton , NC .



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John T. Dowd

John T. Dowd


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